Unconventional hair color has been one of our favorite trends of 2016—it’s both eye-catching and playful, but also showcases the true artistry that goes into crafting these vibrant locks. Australian Redditor moniquey recently shared another variation on this theme with her incredible color-changing hair. One second, her locks look turquoise, while in another moment they resemble cotton candy.

Though this looks like the work of some magical hair dye, moniquey’s confounding coif is the result of a clever optical illusion. Each half of her head is a different color—when her hair is worn down the center, there are two distinct hues. But once she parts it to either the left or the right, one color is hidden while the other shines.

It offers a choice that most of us don’t have with our hair—depending on how moniquey is feeling that day, she can be pink or blue!

Moniquey: Reddit
via [BuzzFeed]

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