Vietnamese-based architects a21studio have put a new twist on the meaning of a tent. They created an airy, gabled hideaway and spa that sits above a hot spring and mineral resort near Nha Trang City. Appropriately called The Tent, the structure partially encloses the hot spring at the top of a rock hill and allows guests a chance to relax in private while also keeping cool in the tropical climate.

The beautiful spring provides an idyllic escape, but one drawback is the intense heat that comes from the West; this limits the time of year that people can enjoy its offerings. To offset this, the architects built a steep thatched roof that blocks direct sunlight as well as angles off any rain. The covering also doubles as a structural wall and is carefully positioned as to not disrupt any views of the passing river or lush outdoors below. Its wooden beams and panels are protected with a waterproof layer of coconut leaves, and dry-stacked stones quarried on site make up the floor.

Inside, The Tent is divided into two levels. The upper storey features a private bedroom that overlooks the spring and is surrounded by wooden frames and colorful glass-paneled walls. Below it is a mineral-based infinity pool that runs against the edge of the site, making the design an oasis for rest and rejuvenation.

a21studio website
via [designboom and Inhabitat]

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