Designer Alessandro Isola takes a rug and a coffee table, two things that we often see separately in a room, and combines them into a single object. His project is called Stumble Upon, and it was inspired by the annoyance of tripping over the wrinkles in carpet. The hybrid piece of furniture appears as a long-fiber rug that has one corner overturned to reveal a smooth, shiny surface underneath. While you can comfortably walk on it, you can also use it as a way to display favorite nicknacks or magazines.

Isola wanted a sharp contrast between the top and bottom of Stumble Upon. The fiber area gives the sense that it’s been handmade, imperfections and all, while the underlying material is very polished. This comes as a surprise to us, as the back of a rug usually isn’t attractive and on display. Here, it’s stunning. Isola uses our expectation of furniture to his advantage and creates an unexpected, playful piece that’s practical, too.

Alessandro Isola website
via [Zeutch and designboom]

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