The ClockONE by Twelve24 is named so for good reason - its features all relate to the number one in some way. This elegantly-designed clock is a meter wide and uses a single button battery that lasts an entire year with simple “one touch” controls. It’s razor-thin at only 4 millimeters thick and is comprised of four large numbers that are reminiscent of a digital wrist watch.

ClockONE takes advantage of electronic ink (E-Ink) technology, making it the first wall clock to do so. You’re probably already familiar with E-Ink - it’s what’s used in Kindle Paper displays. This gives the object a wide viewing angle and greater contrast that’s easier to read from far away.

It’s simple to have ClockONE anywhere in your home. A magnetic wall-mounting system supports it and allows for easy adjustability; all you need to do is tilt the clock in place. No level or extra tools are needed for installation. The product, while large, is not heavy and weighs only 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds). ClockONE’s slated release is in September with a variety of colors to chose from.

ClockONE website
via [Bless This Stuff and Gizmag]

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