While a lot of designers and architects might choose to have their practices centered in a bustling metropolis, UK-based architecture practice Invisible Studio took a different approach. They designed and built a timber structure in a forested area near Bath in England. Friends and neighbors were enlisted to help with the entire construction and utilized untreated and unseasoned logs that were sourced from the surrounding woodlands.

The gorgeous, secluded studio is nearly 600 square feet of office space that's elevated above an outdoor workshop area. To access the the upper level, there's a wood plank bridge that extends from the ground of an adjacent slope. Three exterior sides are wrapped in horizontally-banded wood boards that contrast a dark-colored base. The remaining side is enclosed with polycarbonate wall panels that let in generous amounts of natural light.

Invisible Studio's building was a learning process for its construction team, as none of the workers had any previous experience. This fact was considered in the overall design, and the project was developed with unskilled labor techniques in mind. There were minimal drawings and they allowed for ad-hoc discoveries and in-progress decisions. Any mistakes were left unconcealed after the entire structure was completed.

Invisible Studio website
via [This Isn't Happiness and designboom]

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