Going to the water park is a classic summer activity that’s perfect for a hot day. It’s hard to beat the water slide, which propels the rider down a track at rapid speeds and then dunks them in a clear, refreshing pool. But what does someone look like right before they hit the water? Iowa-based photographer Krista Long took her camera to the park and set it to capture the high-speed action. The results, a series appropriately called I Love Summer, are mesmerizing.

We see the same composition throughout her photos - a bright blue tube with an equally vibrant liquid below it. Each image features a rider who is about to make a giant splash. They are suspended in mid-air by sheets of water with the knowledge that they’ll hit the pool at any second. The participants, both young and older, look delighted and terrified with anticipation. Long perfectly reflects the feelings of barreling down the slide and in an instance conveys the essence of summer fun.

Krista Long Flickr
via [Visual News]

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