We’ve seen a staircase suspended above the floor and even one that was turned into a slide. Now, for an arguably more practical solution, lighting company Luxo has recently launched a new line of Corian and marble staircases that are integrated with ambiance lighting. The stunning presentation gives a modern vibe to any space and lights your way in the dark. The effect is subtle, but an ingenious way to improve on the functionality of something as simple as stairs.

These hanging steps aren’t necessarily meant to grab your attention. “Unusual and precious materials, the architectural mastery and the wish to surprise with backlighted insertions are the main features of the new LUXO line,” says the company. They might not be the flashiest of stairs, but are beautifully designed as they "hover" above the ground with a glimmer that catches the corner of your eye.

Luxo website
via [Freshome]

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