With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are in gift-buying mode. This makes it the perfect time to showcase some of the best products we’ve found over the past month. Everything featured here has made an appearance on My Modern Met Selects, our site dedicated to celebrating creative goods from makers across the world.

November is chock full of items that are a treat to give. (Or even a treat for yourself.) We’ve found a set of cozy rocks to sleep on, as well as an unusual pillow that’ll let you peacefully nap at your desk. For waking hours, this past month also highlighted whimsical accessories. A couple of our favorites include literary-themed tights and colored-pencil necklaces, which remind us that fashion is fun.

Check out some of our other November finds below. Afterwards, be sure to follow My Modern Met Selects to see what we’re currently coveting.

Cozy Boulder Throw Pillows
By Vercart | $32.00

Ostrich Nap Pillow
By USUNO | $15.89

Winter Snowflake DIY Embroidery Kit
By Cozy Blue | $ 24.00

Anatomical Heart Notebook
By Cognitive Surplus | $10.00

Three-Piece Sloth Ring
By Mary Lou | $119.00

Floral Mountain Wood Slice Art
By Menis Art | $28.45

Alice in Wonderland Literary Tights
By Tights Shop | $23.00

Pine Forest Brass Earrings
By Ritual Remains | $200.00

Face Stress Ball
By Caomaru | $29.72

Color-Changing Umbrella
By Yamix | $16.99

Crystal Ring Holder
By Modern Mud | $76.00

Necklace Made From Colored Pencils
By Anna Čurlejová | $39.90

Constellation Jewelry Dish
By Betsy Rose | $15.40

Secret Message in a Ball Locket Necklace
By Paperface Studio | $24.00

Color-Changing Cloud Lamp
By Infinite Inspiration | $55.00

We can't wait to see what next month has in store for us!

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