Isn’t it great when you find someone who has the same shared interest as you? Connecting with other enthusiasts to gather and celebrate a beloved hobby is often part of the fun. Basel-based photographers Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini have captured some peculiar and amusing iterations of these groups with their series of portraits titled HobbyBuddies.

The photographers carefully staged each picture, selecting the location, building scenery, and specifically arranging the composition to highlight certain aspects of the group. It isn’t necessarily how these clans would normally appear, but Sprecher and Cortellini did this to portray what an outsider might imagine that these sub-cultures are like. We see that they’ve included props and costumes, painting a colorful portrait of the people who might attend something like a Poodle Club. The results are a delightful tribute to the sometimes-strange connections we make with other people.

HobbyBuddies was compiled into a book published by Kehrer Verlag. It includes a lot of interest groups you never knew existed.

Above: Orchid Club

Kite Club
Tupperware Party
Basilisk Youth Circus
Floorball Club
Dintesfisch Diving Club
Tram Club
HB9BS Ham Radio Club
Soapbox Club
Association of Scientific Preparators
Swiss Garrison (Serving the 501st Legion)
Poodle Club
St. Brandan Scout Section

Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini website and Kehrer Verlag website
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